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We know that getting your loved one out of jail immediately is important, but so is keeping them out. Your choice in bail bondsman can make all the difference when it comes to risking freedom and financial loss. If you want the best bail bondsman for this job then call us Now!

Here's why Good Guys Bail Bonds Canadian county should be at top of your list.

Lower Risk. A bail bondsman’s most important job is to act in a “fiduciary capacity” on behalf of the co-signer and defendant. In other words, part of our job is to mitigate and manage financial risk for the client (both defendant and cosigner.) The problem is that many don’t.

By aggressively focusing on making as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, many bail bondsmen exploit a customer’s sense of urgency to get their loved one out of jail fast and, in many cases, fail to manage the customers risk from the beginning. by ensuring no potential for a revocation of the bail once your loved one is released.

The sad result is often your loved one being returned to jail before the case is even over, or worse, a failure to appear in court, a bond forfeiture, that leaves you (the cosigner) holding the bag for thousands of dollars due to the court.

Good Guys Bail Bonds Canadian County takes all necessary steps to ensure there is no reason for a bail to be revoked once your loved one is released from jail. We get them out AND we keep them out.

Better Case Management. At Good Guys Bail Bonds, We do the job right from the very beginning. If you discover that the bondsman you are working with is moving fast, BEWARE! They are likely playing for quantity over quality. Large caseloads result in negligence after the bail is posted. SEE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH!

Our client focused model puts our clients first. We will not take unnecessary risk or excessive case load if it means neglecting our current customers. Quality over Quantity is our game.

You are not a number. This is not a numbers game. This business is about lives and freedom. What’s more serious than that? The stakes couldn’t be higher. Agree?

This is exactly why you should take the time to find the right bail bondsman for you. You need a bondsman who will take the time to thoroughly explain every detail, answer every question thoroughly, and a bondsman who is going to stay with you throughout the pendency of the case, constantly watching for surprises and mistakes, conveying to you any potential hiccups to watch out for and offering solutions to problems you otherwise would never have thought to consider.

Lowest failure to appear rate. Why? Because we do the job correctly when posting the bail. Our Bondsman diligently and meticulously follows through on every case until it is over, communicating with the client’s attorney when necessary and tracking every court date through disposition. We take your risk, and freedom, very seriously.

If you are more concerned about getting them out than keeping them out then you may find another bondsman willing to cut corners, but we don’t. Ever.

So, although you are likely stressed and feel tons of pressure to get your loved one out of jail, take a second to think through your choice of bail bondsman. It may be the most important decision you make.


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