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What Are Conditions Of Bail?

In a nutshell, conditions of bail are conditions, or rules, that the court or the bail bondsman has put in place for the defendant to follow. They are very similar to conditions of probations designed to ensure a specific outcome.

Conditions of bail often consist of not breaking any laws, checking in periodically, not leaving the state, and appearing at all scheduled court hearings. In some cases, such as when the charges include DUI, conditions may be set by the court preventing the defendant from driving or requiring certain classes. Most bail bond conditions will include maintaining employment, place of residence, and keeping up to date contact information on file.

Any violations of the bail conditions will put the bond at risk of being revoked by the court or bondsman and may result in the defendant being arrested and surrendered to the custody of the jail from which he or she was originally released. 

When signing a bail bond contract it is important to ensure that you understand exactly what is expected of you as in some cases, the conditions could be unreasonable or simply impractical. Most people don't ask their bondsmen about conditions of bail before hiring them, leaving them with a difficult set of rules to follow or unreasonable fees to pay. It is important to clarify what is expected after the bond is posted, long before giving a bondsman money or signing their contract.

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