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Frequently Asked Bail Bond Questions and Answers

How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost in Oklahoma 

At Good Guys Bail Bonds in Oklahoma, we prefer to keep things simple. We tend to charge a flat rate of 10% for most bonds...

Do Some Bondsmen Charge 5%?

Yes, But BEWARE! We have all seen the advertisements from Bonding companies implying that they only charge 5% to post a bail instead of the standard 10%...

Is Financing Available For Bail Bonds

The short answer is, Yes! It is possible to finance a bail bond premium in Oklahoma. But it isn't as simple as just finding a bondsman who accepts payments...

Do I Need A Cosigner?

Almost every bail bond requires a cosigner... ALMOST...

Are Bail Bond Companies Open 24 Hours?

Most bail bond companies claim to be open 24 hours per day, and some are. But, as the saying goes, nothing good happens after midnight, and that applies to bail bondsmen too...

What Are Conditions of Bail?

Most people don't ask their bail bondsman about conditions of bail before hiring them, leaving them with a difficult set of rules to follow or unreasonable fees to pay...

Can A Bail Bond Be Revoked?

Either the bondsman or the judge may revoke a bond anytime they deem the defendant a flight risk, a threat to their community or themselves, or have determined the defendant...

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Do Bondsmen need a license?

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What is A Bail Enforcer?

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What Happens If I Miss Court?

Can I Use A Bondsman In Another State?

DUI vs Aggravated DUI

What is DUI APC

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