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El Reno Bail Bonds

El Reno Bail Bonds. If you or your loved one is arrested by the El Reno police department and looking to post a bail bond, the process can be rather confusing. Assuming that anyone arrested and booked into the El Reno city jail can post bond would be incorrect. If you are charged with El Reno Municipal charges, such as traffic-related fines that are not misdemeanor or felonies, your options of posting bail are very limited.

The city of El Reno does not authorize the use of an El Reno Bail Bondsman for posting Bail on Municipal charges. A person's options for release from the city jail on municipal charges are limited to cash bonds only (pay the fines in full) or remaining in jail until seen by the city judge. Typically, when an El Reno city inmate sees a judge they will often be released with conditions such as payment plans and follow-up dates to return to court.

If a person is being detained in the El Reno city Jail on state charges they are typically eligible for bail and may use a bail bondsman. State charges are misdemeanors and felony charges that are handled at the state level, such as the Canadian County Courthouse. There are some instances when a person arrested on state charges in Canadian County are not immediately eligible for bail. The instances consist of charges that require the defendant to be seen by the judge in order to have the bail set. Examples of these charges are Domestic Violence, Assault, child abuse, Child Neglect, Manslaughter, Murder, and other Violent or Felony charges.

As you can see, knowing what to do can be confusing. This is especially true in times of high stress and emotional distress such as when your loved one is arrested.


It is always best to contact a Canadian County Bail Bondsman Good Guys Bail Bonds before you drive to El Reno so that we can inform you of the correct procedure for posting bail bonds in El Reno Oklahoma. We will begin the paperwork and make sure you bring everything with you. This will help expedite the release of your loved one. Further instructions will be provided at the time of bail.

el reno bail bonds
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