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Trafficking illegal drugs in Oklahoma is a serious offense with a relatively high bail bond amount. It can be difficult to find an Oklahoma bail bondsman willing to make the bail due to its inherent risks. However, we are always happy to help, so go ahead and contact us if you are in need of help from an Oklahoma Bondsman.


Considering those arrested for Drug Trafficking to reside outside of the state of Oklahoma, and the relatively high bail amounts of such crimes, these cases can be very risky for a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma. In order to find a bondsman willing to help you will need to find a bondsman who is willing to work hard to get your loved one released.

These types of bail bonds usually require a third party to assume the risk if the defendant fails to appear. Often this means that the cosigner will need to have some type of asset they can use as collateral, but not always. Good Guys Bail Bonds in Canadian county Oklahoma frequently provides higher risk bail bond services across the state of Oklahoma. In fact, we are the most likely bail bond company to post a drug trafficking bond in Canadian County Oklahoma.

Drug trafficking usually begins with a traffic stop and end with an arrest for trafficking, acquiring proceeds, possession or distribution of CDs, and oftentimes an asset forfeiture.

The following possession amounts constitute a trafficking charge in Oklahoma:

  • MEthamphetamine - 20 grams or more

  • Cocaine - 28 grams or more

  • Crack - 5 grams or more

  • Heroin - 10 grams or more

  • LSD - 50 or more doses

  • MArijuana - 25 pounds or more

  • Ecstasy / MDMA - 30 tabs or 10 grams

  • PCP - one ounce

  • Morphine - 1000 grams or more

  • Oxycodone - 400 grams or more

  • Hydrocodone - 3750 grams or more

  • Benzodiazepine - 500 grams or more

​If you or someone you know has been arrested in Oklahoma for Trafficking drugs or Aggravated trafficking Drugs call us immediately to get them released.

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