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Do Bondsmen Accept Payments?

The short answer is, Yes! It is possible to finance a bail bond in Oklahoma. But it isn't as simple as just finding a bondsman who accepts payments.

Most Bail Bond companies offer some form of financing option on a case by case basis. As Bail Bondsmen, we understand that people don't plan to be arrested. Getting the phone call in the middle of the night that your loved one has been arrested almost always comes as a surprise... and not a good one. 

When financing a bail bond premium the bondsman has to take all the normal considerations as say a loan officer. Although bail bondsman may not check your credit score at 2 am, they will verify that there are no judgments against you, that you have consistent employment,  adequate, consistent garnishable income, and that there no signs of imminent financial or legal troubles. 

Who Can Finance a Bail Bond Premium?

As Bail Bondsmen, we understand that the legal proceedings will likely be financially daunting to the defendant as the legal fees begin to stack up. While Bail Bonds can be expensive depending on the nature of the allegations, the cost of a defense attorney along with court-related fees can far exceed a person's means. That's why we never finance Defendants for the cost of a premium. Further, if the cosigner is a person who relies on the defendant's income we are less likely to finance that person as well.

When needing to finance a bail bond premium it is best to find a third party who does not live in the same home, such as a family member or loved one, even better if they are a responsible homeowner.

You will always pay a down payment for bail bond financing. Typically the bondsman will require 5% of the total bail as a downpayment with a short term payment plan of 1-3 months.

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