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Are Bondsmen Really Open 24 Hours?

Nearly All Bondsmen claim to be open 24 hours... but you should call ahead because they usually aren't.

Most bail bond companies claim to be open 24 hours per day, and some are. But like the saying goes, nothing good happens after midnight, and that applies to bail bondsmen too.


The best bondsmen (those who do good work after the bond is posted) are usually busy dealing with their client's needs during court hours. That includes a wealth of stuff that goes on long after your loved one is released from jail. I mean any bondsman can get them released at 2am but keeping them out of jail throughout the pendency of their case requires lots of follow-up work diligence...And hey, we all have to sleep sometime, right?

Here are some things to consider regarding 24-hour bondsmen, which we are, btw.

Which would you prefer to trust with your freedom: a personable, family oriented bail bonds company who takes the time to get to know your case and watches out for you through the legal process or a corporation with so many clients that they have no issue returning you to custody because you just another number? Well, which of those do you think have employees in their office around the clock?

At Good Guys Bail Bonds, we are open 24 hours. That doesn't mean someone is sitting in our office all hours of the night, but we will answer the phone and come to your rescue at any time.

We believe in family; ours and yours, and that's why we have designed our process to work from anywhere, office or not. With our fully online bail bond process we can facilitate your bail, complete all necessary paperwork, and answer all questions related to an inmate while you, (and we) are sitting in your Pj's drinking hot cocoa. How's that for Service?

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