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If you are in need of an Oklahoma County Bail Bondsman, you have come to the right place.



Oklahoma County Bail Bonds can be posted anytime during the day, however, night-time hours are limited and subject to change.

The Oklahoma County Jail is located at 201 N Shartel Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102


A Few Tips:

Oklahoma County Bail Bonds:

  • Oklahoma county bail bonds are exoneration automatically if charges have not been filed within a specified timerame. However, your Oklahoma county Bail Bondsman can rewrite the bail if charges are filed after the fact. Please note that he or she is not required to by law and there may be an additional fee for doing so.


  • It is common for the District Attorney’s office to file more, or less, charges than the defendant was initially arrested for. This means having to post new bonds and potentially, more cost prior to arraignment


  • When doing a walkthrough, the Defendant will typically book through the jail in the morning and appear in court that afternoon


About the Oklahoma County Jail:

  • Oklahoma County Jail releases more than the States average amount of Defendant’s on Recognizance Bonds (O.R. bond.) This also results in the highest failure to appear rate in the State of Oklahoma, sometimes the country, and often exceeds its previous month’s records.


  • The jail is often scrutinized by the media and the public for its subpar living conditions and it is often plagued by flooding due to its vertical design.

Oklahoma County Court:

  • Arraignments are held Tuesday – Friday at 1:30 pm. Most initial appearances are set at approximately 90-day intervals beginning from the date of arrest.


  •  If charges are not filed by the District Attorney’s office on or before the third date, the court will exonerate the bonds and relieve the Oklahoma county bail bondsman from further liability.


  • If the bail bonds are exonerated, it becomes the defendant's sole responsibility to periodically contact the Court Clerk or Bondsman to see if charges are filed.


  • Failure to appear in court while on bond commonly results in an additional Felony for Bail Jumping.

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