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Domestic Assault / Battery in Oklahoma

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, we have definitely seen an uptick in Domestic Abuse arrests in Oklahoma.


It seems that we post more bail bonds for Domestic Violence than any other crime nowadays. Here is a little information on Domestic related crimes in Oklahoma.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is defined as intimidation, physical assault, sexual assault or any other abusive behavior as part of a pattern of control by one intimate partner against another including physical and sexual assault, threats and/or emotional abuse, regardless of frequency.


Who can be considered a victim of Domestic assault?

Spouses, former spouses, fany family member, a person whis is dating, anyone who lives with or previously lived with the offender or with whom the offender has a child.


What is the punishment for Domestic abuse?

Misdemeanor - up to one year in jail or fine up to $5000

Felony - up to four years in prison or fine up to $5000


When is Domestic abuse considered a felony in Oklahoma?

When the crime is committed in the presence of a child or against a pregnant woman

When resulting in great bodily harm

Abuse by strangulation

Abuse with a dangerous weapon



Disclaimer – nothing on this site should be considered legal advice. If you are a victim of domestic abuse call the police. If you are accused of domestic violence, call a qualified attorney. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a Domestic Abuse Charge in Oklahoma and would like to be bailed out of jail, Call Good Guys Bail Bonds at


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