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Yukon Bail Bonds


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The Yukon City Jail is located in the same building as the Yukon Police Department at 100 S Ranchwood Blvd, Yukon, OK 73099.

Yukon Municipal Bonds (City Charges)

A person arrested by the City of Yukon Police Department will likely be transported directly to the city jail. When arrested for municipal crimes such as driving under suspension, simple possession, public intoxication or any other traffic or violation of city ordinance, the person may be required to post bail in Yukon in order to be released.  There are three types of bail bonds that we will briefly cover here.

Surety Bail Bonds

A surety bail bond is the type of bond that a Yukon bail bondsman will post after being hired on behalf of the defendant. While most state bonds are charged on a percentage basis, that is not the case with municipal bonds. While the premium does vary by the bondsman, I assure you it will be far less than posting the full amount in cash.

Cash Bonds

A Cash bond is a type of bond that is posted when a person arrested is able to pay the full amount of their fines at once. Since cash bonds are typically forfeited by the court and applied to the fines, posting a cash bond may require an admission of guilt or set aside to be argued later in court. This route is usually not advisable as it eliminates the possibility of negotiating with a city attorney for reduced fines, court cost and/or payment plans.

Recognizance Bond

Recognizance bonds, also known as OR bonds, are not as common in Yukon as in other municipalities. However, once a person sees a Judge they are likely to be released with a demand to appear in court. Unfortunately, this means that a person could spend a week or more in jail before being eligible for release.

It should be clear now why most people call Good Guys Bail Bonds in Canadian County when their loved one gets arrested in Yukon, Oklahoma.

We understanding that this is a stressful situation to be in. That’s why we pride ourselves on being the most efficient, customer-focused, judgment-free and we work hard long after the bail is posted to help ensure a successful outcome. Feel Free to ask about our payment plans.

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