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Kingfisher County Bail Bonds


If your loved one is arrested in any city in Kingfisher County for any state charge(s), by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol or Canadian County Sherrif's Office he or she will be transported and detained at the Canadian County Jail. 


Bail Bonds in Kingfisher County begin with paperwork at the Kingfisher county Jail our office. This can be completed within a few minutes in most cases. Once completed we will take the bail bond paperwork to the Kingfisher County jail and begin the process of release. 


It is always best to contact Good Guys Bail Bonds in Kingfisher County before you drive to Kingfisher so that we can begin the paperwork and make sure you bring everything with you. This will help expedite the release of your loved one. Further instructions will be provided at the time of bail.


The Kingfisher County Jail allows inmates to be bonded out of jail 24 hours per day. Therefore, Good Guys Bail Bonds is also open 24 hours per day.


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