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Kingfisher County Bail Bonds


Strangely enough, it can be difficult to find a Kingfisher Bail Bondsman when you need one. A simple Google Search for ‘Kingfisher Bail bonds’ ‘bail bonds near me’ won’t be of much help to you.


Why is that? Well, there really aren’t any bondsmen there. Kingfisher doesn’t offer enough business for a bail bondsman to make a decent living out of a local office. That means that you may find it difficult to hire someone when you need it most.


If you need a bondsman who goes to Kingfisher, we have you covered. Just give us a call and we will do our best to make arrangements to bond your loved one out of the county jail as soon as feasible.


Can any Bondsman Go To kingfisher?


Yes and no. Bondsmen, although issued a state license, are assigned to one county. This means they must either reside or have an office in that county. The local court clerk, in our case, Canadian County Court, will hold the license and authorize the bondsman to post bail outside of their county so long as they maintain good standing with the court and the State of Oklahoma.


In order for an agent to go outside of their county, or in other words to post an ‘ out of county bond’ they are required to present what is called a ‘Letter Of Good Standing’ at the time the bail is posted. The ‘in county’ court clerk will issue the letter as requested but they are only valid for two business days and can only be obtained during normal clerk hours.


For example, if a bondsman from Good Guys Bail Bonds picks up his letter of good standing on Friday it is valid until Tuesday. Without it, they cannot post a bond outside of their home county, such as in Kingfisher.


What is the process to post bail in Kingfisher County?


The first step is to find a bondsman who can and will travel to that county in order to post the bail bond. You will likely pay a travel fee for any bond set at less than $5000. In Kingfisher, most bonds are set lower, hence the travel fee.


Worth noting is that while the Kingfisher County Judges do set their bond amounts reasonably less than most other counties, this can make it difficult for the accused to bail out of jail because the standard 10% premium often simply isn’t worth the trouble that a bondsman has to go through in order to post the bond and potentially appear in court on a later date.


Once you have a bail bonds company on board, an agent will likely meet you at the Kingfisher Sheriff’s office to complete the necessary paperwork for any cosigners. At Good Guys Bail Bonds, we have the unique ability to do this all online which saves a significant amount of time.


Once the bond is posted the defendant is usually released rather quickly.


The Kingfisher County Bail bonds can be posted 24 hours per day. Therefore, Good Guys Bail Bonds is also open 24 hours per day.


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