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Trading For Bail

At Good Guys Bail Bonds Oklahoma, we have every payment option available to you and we accept any form of payment (except checks) from cash, trade, partial trade, even cryptocurrency, and financing options.

We will do whatever it takes to help you bond your loved one out of jail


Payment for a bail bond is considered the “premium” and is typically calculated based on a percentage of the bail amount set by the court. Sometimes that bail can be very high depending on the charge, and seemingly impossible to pay for on short notice.

As with any business, there is a cost to doing business so you will need some of the money upfront, even if you are approved for financing. This is where the rumor of 5% bondsmen came about. At Good Guys Bail Bonds in Canadian County Oklahoma, we offer financing to qualified co-signers with as little as 5% down.

It is possible to trade for services. You may choose a partial trade or a full trade. Items that we accept include but are not limited to:

 Real Estate, Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Firearms, Airplanes, Boats, Jewelry, Cryptocurrency, Hunting Equipment, computers, Leisure Items and other Professional Services.

Paying for a bail bond can be a very stressful task at an already stressful time in your life. Don’t hesitate to contact Good Guys Bail Bonds in El Reno Oklahoma to see if we can work out a deal that you can afford.

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