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Attorney Preferred Bail Bondsmen In Oklahoma County


Good Guys Bail Bonds in Oklahoma County has been providing bail bonds in okc for 8 years. Our Oklahoma County Bondsmen are highly respected and well known within the Oklahoma City legal system and beyond


More Than Just a Bail Bond Agent


Unlike most other bail bonds companies in OKC that are merely agents working for an insurance provider, at Good Guys Bail Bonds we are our own insurance provider, aka surety. This means that we can provide more flexible terms, conditions and payment options. In short- we don’t have to follow the long list of rules that most bondsmen must adhere to making bail bonds a difficult and time-consuming process.


Bonding out of Oklahoma County Jail


As Oklahoma Bail Bondsmen, we pride ourselves on not just getting people out of jail but keeping them out. Because we don’t have to adhere to all the rules of a typical insurance company, we can make our own decisions as to risk. Instead of a laundry list of rules and conditions, we create a “freedom plan” as a roadmap for maintaining each client’s freedom during the pendency of their case.


Relationship and Reputation in Oklahoma County


If you spend any amount of time in court with our Oklahoma County Bail Bondsmen, you will notice that we have great relationships with all the highest-rated attorneys in Oklahoma County and beyond. Establishing and maintaining quality relationships within the legal system has aided in our Agency in becoming the top preferred bail bondsman among legal professionals in the State. Believe me, this is advantageous to our clients as well.



At Good Guys Bail Bonds in Oklahoma County, we know that the best criminal defense begins with freedom from jail. If you find yourself or a loved one arrested or in danger of incarceration in Oklahoma City, give us a call at 405-237-9797 or apply online by visiting our website. We get you out and we keep you out.




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