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Need Help With A Municipal Warrant?

Municipal charges differ from state charges in many ways. State charges consist of misdemeanors and felonies while municipal charges are city level vilations. Examples are Yukon Police, El Reno Police, and Mustang Police Departments and consist of less agregious charges like traffic tickets, public intoxication and petty larceny.

If you were charged with a state crime, such as a misdemeanor or felony, your case would be handled at the county level even if you were arrested by a municipalality i.e. Yukon Police, Mustang Police or El Reno Police and held in their local jail.. In these cases the state level charges would have to be accepted by the District Attorney, i.e. Canadian County District Attorney, in order for you to be prosecuted. This means that you may be able to post bond from the municipal jail while the Canadian County District Attorney decides wether to officially charge you for the alleged crime. Once officially charged, everything will be handled at the Canadian County court and the Canadian County Jail. Now back to Municipal charges.

If you were charged with a Municipal Violation, such as petty larceny, speeding, driving under revocation or driving without insurance, your case will likely be held at the city level. In many cases, you wont be required to hire an attorney but your right to an attorney remains throughout the entire process. If you are found guilty of a municipal violation or plead "no contest", you will usually be required to pay a fine and possibly comlete classes. Failure to pay municipal fines may result in another municipal warrant being issued followed by another arrest. You could then be required to sit out your fines in jail without bail.

If you have discovered that you have a warrant for a municipal voilation in cities such as Mustang, Yukon or El Reno Oklahoma, we can help. By conducting a walk-thru we can post your bail and get you a new court date. This way you wont have to worry about being arrested the next time you have contact with police. Bail Bonds for municipal charges are generally smaller and much cheaper that state level charges. At Good Guys Bail Bonds of Canadian County, OK we offer competitive rates, easy approval and payment options. Cal us Now to avoid going to jail.

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