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Bail Bondsman's Perspective On Recidivism

It's no secret that we here at Good Guys Bail Bonds in Oklahoma have witnessed first-hand the consequences of recidivism, but what causes it? We decided to take a dive into the mindset factor to see how our outlooks really contribute to these outcomes. When it comes down to it, our outlooks and attitudes can make or break a situation.

When it comes to the mindset factor of recidivism, there are many factors at play.

Self Efficacy. Self Efficacy is feeling confident in one's ability to manage their own behavior. Those with high self-efficacy tend to have less fear of the criminal justice system and are more likely to successfully complete their parole or probation requirements and stay out of trouble. On the other hand, those with low self-efficacy may be more likely to become involved in criminal activities due to a lack of confidence or aimlessness.

Attitude. Another mindset factor is our attitude toward legal institutions. If a person has a negative view of the criminal justice system, they may be less likely to follow the rules and regulations set forth by their parole officer or probation officer. This could lead to more violations which could ultimately lead to re-incarceration. Additionally, if an individual has a positive attitude towards the criminal justice system, they may be more likely to take their probation and parole requirements seriously and abide by them.

Remorse. This relates to guilt, which can be both positive and negative. Those who feel guilty for their actions may be more willing to change, while those with no guilt may be more likely to re-offend in the future.

Self Control. Those with strong self-control are less likely to engage in risky behavior such as drug use or committing crimes. Self-control also involves being able to regulate emotions and being able to make rational decisions. Those with low self-control may be more likely to act impulsively which could lead to recidivism.

Personal Development. we can learn and grow from our experiences. When we believe that we can become better, it creates an optimistic outlook. Those with a growth mindset are more likely to have successful outcomes, while those with a fixed mindset may not be willing to learn from their mistakes and be more likely to become involved in criminal activities again.

At Good Guys Bail Bonds, we believe that our outlooks and attitudes can play a major role in the overall recidivism rates. We strive to provide our clients with the coaching tools and resources they need to build a successful future so that their outlooks are not only positive but also proactive.

The Good Guys Bail Bonds team is here to provide Oklahoma residents with professional bail bond services. Contact Good Guys Bail Bonds in Oklahoma County today to learn more about the mindset factor and one-on-one coaching to help increase the chances of successful outcomes for those facing Oklahoma County Bail Bonds. Good Guys Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping our clients understand the importance of their outlooks and how they can make a difference in recidivism rates.

Take control of your future. Contact Good Guys Bail Bonds today!





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