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Oklahoma County Detention Center Info

If you need a bail bondsman in Oklahoma County, look no further. Good Guys Bail Bonds is ready to help anytime, from anywhere.

However, suppose you are still working on facilitating the release of your loved one or have determined that you are unable to bail someone out of Oklahoma County, here you will find answers to the most common questions regarding Oklahoma County Jail as it relates to Inmate services.

If after reading this you find that you need more answers about the Oklahoma County Jail, please call the detention center directly. In the meantime, don't forget that our Oklahoma County Bail Bondsman is available 24 hours per day to post Oklahoma County Bail bonds.

How Do I find out if someone is in The Oklahoma County Jail?

The Oklahoma County Detention Center is run by a trust and no longer the sheriff. However, the Oklahoma County Detention Center has a website that you can use to look up inmates. Here is the link.

How Do I Put Money on Someone’s Books in Oklahoma County?

If you have determined that you will not be bonding someone out of jail in Oklahoma County you may want to provide a commissary or send a care package of food and goods. The Oklahoma County Detention Center uses the services of SecurePak to manage commissaries for Oklahoma County inmates and their families. To access information about AccessSecurepak click here. There is also a kiosk inside the Oklahoma County Jail Lobby where you can walk in and use cash but you will need to enroll at

How Do I Prepay for Phone Calls For An inmate At The Oklahoma County Jail?

Prepaying for phone calls from an inmate at the Oklahoma County Detention Center is by far the cheapest solution. You may deposit funds online at Telmate’s site at or by calling them directly at 1-866-516-0115.

Can I Send And Receive Messages From / To An Oklahoma County Inmate?

Yes. You can send and receive messages from an inmate at the Oklahoma County Detention Center but they are not free. You will need to set up an account at and add funds to your “friends and family” account and the inmate's account.

What Can You Send An inmate at the Oklahoma County Jail?

Inmates at the Oklahoma County Detention Center can generally receive Two softcover books or magazines. However, it is important to ensure that the material does not include any form of nudity or anything of sexual nature including poses, gang-related material, guns, or weapons of any nature.

Here is a link to the Oklahoma County Detention Center Inmate Handbook for more information.

Finally, should you find that you are in need of an Oklahoma County Bail Bondsman, feel free to contact us right away or apply online.

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