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Bailing Out of a Bad Situation: When to Call a Bail Bond Company

El Reno Bail Bondsman can be your best friend in times of trouble. While we may not be at liberty to give you legal advice, we can save you a ton of trouble and confusion by sharing our experience and expertise.

Here we will answer some general questions about bail bonds and how they relate to those who suddenly find themselves in legal trouble. If you are looking for answers this is a great place to start. If at the end of this post you are seeking answers to specific questions, give us a call and we will be glad to help.

1. What is a bail bond company and what do they do? A bail bondsman's job, simply put, is to help you bail someone out of jail, or to help you avoid being arrested if you have a warrant. Further, the bondsman's responsibility to the court is to ensure that both the defendant and victim (if any) have their day in court. Many bail bondsmen take on the role of an authoritarian and reign over their clients with tons of conditions that they must follow under the threat of being returned to jail. At Good Guys Bail Bonds, we prefer to act as a coach and liaison, helping those on bail with us to understand exactly what is expected of them and remain focused on the ultimate goal, staying out of jail.

2. How do you know when you need to call a bail bond company? The most obvious answer is when someone you know or love has been arrested. However, we prefer to take on a more proactive approach when the situation allows. If you or someone you know is in trouble but not yet arrested, call us to help you avoid being arrested in the first place. Yes, we can do that!

3. What are the benefits of working with a bail bond company? An El Reno bail bonds company is not only familiar with the specific court process, i.e. Canadian county, but we also have a great rapport with the local judges and court personnel. When you may not be able to find answers, we can. Additionally, your bondsman will monitor your case, watch for errors, and make sure you know when to be in court and what to be focused on during the pendency of your case so that you don't end up back in jail.

4. How much does it cost to work with a bail bond company? The standard rate for a bail bond is roughly 10%, however, that is not always the case. There are times when we take as little as 5% down and offer bail bond financing for the remaining balance. In some cases, such as municipal bail bonds, the cost may not be based on a percentage but on a minimum rate per bond or charge. In any case, don't assume you can't afford a bail bondsman, give us a call and let's discuss your options. It's usually easier than you think.

5. What should you expect during the process of bailing someone out of jail? At a minimum, you should expect to provide information about yourself and the defendant such as a home address, employment, references and family contacts, etc. Again, the process isn't as difficult as one might think. At Good Guys Bail Bonds we make it so easy. By using our Bail Bonds Online platform you can bail your loved one out of jail without the need to meet a bondsman for endless paperwork. Go ahead, give it a try.


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