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How To Choose The Right Bail Bondsman

Just like any other profession, in the bail bonds business, there are good ones and then there are, well, not so good ones.

Because a bail bondsman not only has the keys to your freedom, they also have the keys to lock you back up.

It’s no secret in the Oklahoma Bail Bonds world that there is no shortage of bail bondsmen that will take advantage of you. How does this happen? Here is a little scenario to consider.

It’s 3am and you have just found out that your loved one has been arrested. The only thing on your mind is getting them out… Now. So you make a few calls and finally a bondsman answers the phone. The don’t ask many questions, they just take your money, tell you to sign here, and wallah…. Your loved one is out of jail.

Because the bondsman didn’t do their due diligence up front (i.e. ensuring proper risk assessment, cosigners etc) they are more likely to surrender the defendant at their next court date. Why? Because that relieves their liability and, since they didn’t do the necessary work to assess and mitigate that risk before posting the bond, they just return your family member to jail so that they don’t have to be responsible for their own lack of work ethic.

There are other factors to consider. But please, don’t just hire the first bondsman that is available. Good bondsmen take their time to do their job correctly. It is in the defendant’s best interest, as well as that of the cosigner.

Good Bondsmen will also track and follow the case as the proceedings take place, tracking court dates at a minimum. It is not uncommon for a courthouse employee to make a mistake, or for an additional or entirely different charge to be brough against the defendant.

If your bondsman isn’t watching the case, you are more susceptible to a bond revocation at your next court date.

At Good Guys Bail Bonds in el Reno Oklahoma, we pay close attention to each case… and each defendant. When something unexpected happens we are usually the first one to let the defendant know so that they are surprised by a set of handcuffs at court, or the next time they are puled over for a traffic violation.

That’s why Good Guys Bail Bonds far exceeds competitor bail bond companies in Oklahoma in customer service and follow through.


They simply post bonds, collect the money, and send their client right back to jail at the first sign of trouble.

We all know someone (eventually) who will need a Bail Bondsman. It’s best to know who to call, who to trust, and who will stay on your side throughout the proceedings. Go ahead and save the number to our 24 hour Bail Bond Hotline by clicking here.

So how do you choose the right bail bondsman? Ask Questions… lots of questions. Afterall you are hiring them, not the other way around. Make sure you know what to expect in the coming days after the defendant is released. Read reviews on google. Lastly, review the contract and ask the Bondsman to explain it in depth.


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