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Why We Coach Clients

At Good Guys Bail Bonds in Canadian County Oklahoma we know first hand the cost of legal troubles. To make matters worse for those accused, finding employment during and after criminal litigation can be a seemingly impossible feat.

This is where Good Guys Bail Bonds in Oklahoma shine the most. We help clients and thos convicted find jobs, manage money, and ultimately stay out of jail.

We go so far above and beyond every other Oklahoma Bail Bonds Company that it isn't even funny. We offer personal and group coaching to our clients, and many who are not our clients.

We currently offer the following programs that we have found to be not only beneficial, but sometimes essential to getting out of (and staying out of) financial and legal trouble.

Personal Finance. We teach the basics of money management. In this program clients learn how budget without suffering, how to build safety nets into their budgets in case of accidental overspending or unexpected expenses, how to automate fixed expenses, how to manage money like an entrepreneur and how to increase income.

Job Hunting. Job searching is a competitive business in and of itself. In order to help our clients find new or better employment, we teach them how to do what other job don't, how to seek out the type of employment that will challenge them, how to break into their field of interest, how to reach and speak to decision makers, and how to land their first interview.

Interviewing Techniques. While we do cover the basics of interviewing, the best part of this program is by far our interviewing hacks. Bobby literally teaches ckients how to make the interviewer that they will be a long term asset, that they are in high demand in their field, and how to convince a potential emoloyer that he or she will regret not hiring them, and the list goes on.

Resume Writing. Everyone needs a catchy resume. But employers receive hundreds or even thousands per year. Here Bobby teach clients how to make their resume stand out using the 20 second rule so that potential employers immediately add their resume to their short list. Also, clients learn what to include, what to leave out, and how to make their resume fit between the margins of underqualified and overqualified.

Coming soon- Courtroom Etiquette, Witness Stand Prep, Counter-Interrogation.


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