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Bail Bonds Online Tutorial

Online Bail Bonds Introducing the latest update to 'Bail Bonds Online' brought to you by Good Guys Bail Bonds, Oklahoma.

Here we will walk you through the process (although self explanatory) of utilizing the latest in bail bonds inovation.

With the use of modern technology during covid, we brought you e-sign and apply online already. The feedback and response has improved over time as clients become more aquainted to the idea of psoting bail without their homes.

Feature 1. "I NEED A BONDSMAN" formerly apply online, is now a simply inquire form that can be used by those seeking the service of our company. In less than one minute you can fill out this short form and, once submitted, we receive it mmediately. We immeditely go to work gathering the information needed and call (or text/email) the client within 5 minutes.

Feature 2. "Apply Online" is now serving it's intended purpose. All the information we typically gather over the phone or in the office can now be completed in 5 short minutes by the customer, before leaving the house from a computer or smart device. This feature DRASTICALLY reduces the time spent doing paperwork and frees up the bondsman to begin working on getting the person out of jail. Th end result... lighting fast release.

Feature 3. "Cleint Checkin" is for current cleints, mostly those who are awaiting a court date and are required to call each week. Well, no more missed calls or failign to get through. Just go online and check in. It is important that the current phone number is entered correctly each time as this will be the number we use to contact the client with new information.

Feature 4. "Client Update" is also for current clients who need to provide updates to their file, i.e. phone number and address changes, changes in court date, attorney, etc. Again, drastically reducing the call volume and streamlining the process for clients. Whever you are, just pull out your phone and wallah!

We understand that this gets personal. You don't want to talk about an arrest or pending over th ephone while youre in public, at work, or with family, yet you have obligations to communicate. We get it.

Tell us what you think about the bail bonds online platform so far. Check back often for updates as we are just getting started.

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