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Canadian County Courthouse Procedures 05/18/2020

Candian County Bail Bonds

Canadian County Bail Bonds may be posted at the jail. for help, contact Good Guys Bail Bonds in El Reno, Oklahoma 24 hours per day

  1. Anyone entering the courthouse must wear a mask

  2. Marriage Licenses will be issued by appointment only. Call 405-295-6171 to schedule. Only the parties applying for the lciense will be allowed inside the building.

  3. The courthouse is not accepting cash payments whatsoever.

  4. Entrance is through the south doors and exit through the north

  5. Payments for fines must be made by mail, phone, or online at

  6. All filings except emergency filings must be filed by mail or e-file.

  7. Records request will only be done via mail or email.

  8. Passport issuance is indefinitely suspended.


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