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The Pros And Cons Of A Transfer Bail Bond in El Reno

What is a transfer bond and how does it work?

A Transfer Bond is a simple way of stating that your bail bondsman is in a state other than the state where Defendant was arrested.

For example, If you are from California and you are arrested in El Reno, Oklahoma while traveling, your first call may be to an El Reno Bail Bondsman. However, you can use a Bail Bondsman in the state where you reside if they are able to provide a transfer bond.

This requires a Canadian County Oklahoma Bail Bondsman to work in collaboration with the bail bondsman in California. The California bail bondsman would be the responsible party while the posting agent “El Reno Bail Bondsman” would facilitate the release. It is important to note that a Transfer Bond is only possible when both bail bondsmen are writing bail under the same insurance company. For this reason, finding a bail bondsman in your home state who is able and willing help with a transfer bond can be very difficult.

The pros of a transfer bond

It is possible that no Collateral will be required. Due to the risk of the Defendant failing to appear while living in another state, along with all the red tape that comes with returning a fugitive to custody across state lines, your El Reno Bail Bondsman may want collateral in the form of cash or property. However, a bail bondsman local to your residence may be more willing to assume the risk because you live in the city where they operate.

The cons of a transfer bond

The potential for being re-arrested. Every court operates a little differently. The Canadian County Court in El reno operates in such a way that it is confusing even to bail bondsmen in neighboring counties. Since your California Bail Bondsman will not have a grasp on the rules and processes of the court, he or she will consider you a greater risk and, consequently more likely to have your bail revoked at your next court appearance. Further, you will be more susceptible to misunderstandings and more likely to make a mistake that will result in a bond forfeiture and a warrant for your arrest. In this case you may be arrested in California where you would await extradition to Oklahoma before you are eligible for bail again.

How to decide if a transfer bond is the right choice for you

If the Defendant lives out of state and is arrested in Oklahoma, in our example, and you are unable to hire an El Reno Bail Bondsman due to the requirement of collateral, your only option may be a transfer bond. Although a transfer bond is not ideal it does make bailing your loved one out jail in Oklahoma a possibility in cases where it was otherwise impossible.

Before opting for a transfer bond, Call Good Guys Bail Bonds first to see if we can help. In many cases we are able to help when other bail bond companies cant.


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